All valves repaired or refurbished by USC
recieve an "As New" 2-year warranty

USC Spray Valve and Wireplate Upgrade Service

  • USC offers new low cost service to upgrade ALL USC stainless steel spray valves and wireplates
  • New Patent Pending internal components which protects coils to significantly extend coil life
  • Stainless steel connector
  • Viton seals
  • Epoxy encased coils for superior reliability and longevity

United States Controls' Services include:

Valve Refurbishment or Rebuild

Nozzle Analysis Study

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Mill Evaluations


New Current Limited USC Normally Open 25 GPM / 94 LPM Soluble Oil Spray Valve Assemblies

These 25 GPM / 94 LPM Assemblies are now completely repairable. Complete spray valves or valve wireplates may be shipped to USC for repair and upgrade at a cost much less than new equipment. The upgrade includes a (patent pending) internal Current Limiting feature which automatically reduces power usage and coil heating... significantly extending coil life and system reliability.  

USC Current Limiting Tester
Tester checks for proper current limiting function and coil health.

Liquid Tight Connector Kit
The Liquid Tight Connectors are now available to retrofit to existing wire harnesses to prevent electrical connector terminal corrosion from soluble oil exposure.

  • Water Tight Connector is Viton sealed and pre-wired
  • Teflon insulated and jacketed cable
  • High quality crimp connectors for each conductor
  • Specially formulated shrink tubing to seal connections
  • Color coded wire for valve identification

Replacement OEM wire harnesses are also now available with the Liquid Tight Connector upgrade.

All USC repairs, upgrades and spare parts carry the same as new 2 year warranty.