The United States Controls Advantage
Superior Selective Roll Cooling and Heating Systems offering:

  • Continuous or pulsing spray systems
  • Used with or without a shapemeter
  • Water, water based and oil based coolant applications
  • Nozzle spray pattern analysis on new or existing systems
  • Electrical controls will work with or without shapemeter
  • Spray zone widths of 25mm and larger.
  • Single, double and triple row USC spray valves.


High Performance Valves
United States Controls Selective Roll Cooling and Heating System’s proprietary valve design offers mill operators superior flow performance, wear resistant components and easy maintenance. Typically, these self-cleaning valves require no maintenance for at least five years and are constructed of high quality, stainless steel internal components to ensure accurate, long-lasting performance.

Flow Control
Operators can control flow and system cooling by pulsing each spray up to five times per second. Pulsing capability enables operation at lower flow rates without compromising impact, spray angle or drop size.

Shapemeter Compatibilty
USC systems are compatible with all shapemeters on the market today. The system will automatically adjust the cooling profiles based on the inputs from the shapemeter. USC systems can operate in a pulse or constant mode without a shapemeter using USC electrical controls and software.

Modular Design for Easy Maintenance
Our modular design allows for simply maintenance when needed. Two hex wrenches are all that’s required to reach all three major components, and a single electrical connection is on each valve in the system for simplicity.

Complete Spray System Engineering
Systems can be configured in multiple zones with multiple rows of nozzles being controlled independently to provide temperature control where needed – on the edges, in the center or to combat a hot spot or cold spot if roll heating is used.



Spray Bar Construction

For operations using raw water or water based coolants, USC recommends stainless steel components and header systems. While oil based coolants require assemblies made of stainless steel and aluminum with a carbon steel or aluminum header.

To the right is a roll cooling spray bar system with 56 Series LPM (litre per minute) spray valves.

  1. Header Manifold
  2. Wire Harness
  3. Nozzle Plate
  4. Double Row Spray Valve




The cut-away shown to the right, illustrates the two chambers of the header manifold and how the USC Spray Valves may be installed and serviced from the nozzle side of the system.

  1. Nozzle Plate
  2. Wire Harness
  3. Single Row Spray Valve
  4. Header Manifold
  5. Wireway Chamber
  6. Coolant Chamber


System Components
The spray headers feature independant chambers for coolant, the wiring and, in some cases, air piloted. Headers are customized for each system.

Nozzle plates are fed from the valve assemblies which contain the valve and the electrical connection for control. One, two or three valves can be mounted on each spray zone.

Each valve assembly fits in the header. All O-rings sit on a flat surface in the valve block and are retained to ensure proper sealing and prevent loss during installation and removal. Plus, valve assemblies and nozzle plates are easily installed and removed with just a hex wrench. There are no loose parts in the valve assemblies and nozzle plates.

The nozzle plates direct the fluid from the valve assembly to the nozzle. VeeJet® nozzles are placed to optimize performance using USC SPA (Spray Pattern Analysis) modeling software program.