Remote Input-Output Terminal Enclosures
Rugged, mill duty remote terminal enclosures can be provided to suit each system installation. Each enclosure is fully wired with the required 24 VDC power supplies to actuate the USC spray valves plus General Electric, Interbus-S, Siemens, Allen Bradley or other customer specified brands of electrical I/O equipment.

Electrical Controls and Software Options
These electrical controls and USC software offer a method of precisely pulsing the USC spray valves without a shape meter, and full use of the USC controls if a shape meter is added in the future. USC advanced software to pulse each spray zone to yield the exact flow rate selected by the operator or by a shape meter.

One set of USC controls can be used to operate spray bars on multi-stand mills.  The operator "draws" the coolant flow curve using the USC industrial mouse, function keypad and color monitor. The work roll and back-up roll flow curves are easily run, named, recalled and adjusted to suit mill conditions.

Each set of work roll and back-up roll spray bars are illustrated on the monitor in a different, vivid color. Optionally, any or all work roll or back-up roll spray bars may be operated together by combining the curves with the industrial mouse and function keypad.

An analog input can be used to enable remote control of percentage of flow for all active spray zones to compensate for strip speed, horsepower or any other customer selected variable. For example: with 1/10th full signal supplied to the analog input, the system would increase 10 percent of the active curve's flow. With 1/2 full signal supplied to the analog input, the system would increase 50 percent of the active curve's flow.

If used with a shape meter; the USC controls can accept individual zone information from the shape meter controls and pulse the spray valves, or optionally, pass control of the sprays directly to the shape meter controls.

* USC spray header assemblies, electrical controls and software may be interfaced with any brand of shape meter sold today, or used without a shape meter.