Rolling Mill Spray Systems

Complete spray systems with plug-and-play valve components

The USC  Advantage offering Selective Roll Cooling and Heating Systems:

  • Continuous or pulsing spray systems
  • Water, water based and oil-based coolant applications
  • Nozzle spray pattern analysis on new or existing systems
  • Spray zone widths of 25mm and larger


High Performance Valves
United States Controls Selective Roll Cooling and Heating System’s proprietary valve design offers mill operators superior flow performance, wear resistant components and easy maintenance. Typically, these self-cleaning valves require no maintenance for at least five years and are constructed of high quality, stainless steel internal components to ensure accurate, long-lasting performance.

Modular Design for Easy Maintenance
Our modular design allows for simply maintenance when needed. Pliers and hex wrenches are all that’s required for valve maintenance, and a single military electrical connection is used on each valve for simplicity.

Patented Self-Cleaning Design
These spray valves set the standard for accuracy, longevity and reliability in the aluminum and steel industry. USC valves can be pulsed on and off up to 5 cycles per second.  The patented self-cleaning design function occurs after each cycle.

All Maintenance from the Front of the Header
No need to remove the header from mill to perform valve maintenance.  Everything can be accessed from the front of the header, mechanically and electrically.

Systems Operate for Decades
Our valves have been proven over and over that with proper maintenance they will continue to perform.

System Features

The spray headers feature independant chambers for coolant, the wiring and, in some cases, a pilot air chamber. Headers are customized for each system.

Nozzle plates are fed from the valve assemblies which contain the valve and the electrical connection for control. One, two or three row valves can be mounted on each spray zone.

Each valve assembly uses O-rings that seal on the face of the header.  Valve assemblies and nozzle plates are easily installed and removed with just pliers and hex wrenches. There are no loose parts in the valve assemblies and nozzle plates.

The nozzle plates direct the fluid from the valve assembly to the nozzle. VeeJet® nozzles are placed to optimize performance using USC SPA (Spray Pattern Analysis) modeling software program.