Nozzle Bars

Nozzle Bars

US Controls offers various designs of Nozzle Bars.  These designs are developed to best fit the requirements of each application.  Nozzle bars can be constructed out of carbon steel and stainless steel materials. The nozzle bar designs offered (shown below) are remote access work nozzle bars, controlled by a remote located work header or, backup roll and, bite lube continuous flow nozzle bars.


Work Roll Nozzle Bars with Remote Spray Header

Remote access work roll nozzle bars are designed to apply coolant to the work rolls when real estate is limited within the mill housing.  Using a work roll nozzle bar along with a remotely located work roll spray header will give you the specialized results you are looking for.


Backup Roll Continuous Flow Nozzle Bars

Backup rolls tend to be more liberal with real estate and are designed with a welded tubular fabrication which can facilitate a larger flows when required.

Bite Lube Continuous Flow Nozzle Bars

Bite lube nozzle bars are required to fit in smaller areas.  This low profile, flat bar design is used more towards areas that do not have a lot of room to install lubrication sprays for the respective rolling mill.



Both types of continuous flow nozzle bar designs (Backup and Bite Lube Bars) have their coolant supplied by an off mill control valve supplied by others, however, these nozzle bars could be supplied by additional USC Spray valves installed in the header if the width of the mill allows for additional zones added to each end of the respective header.