United States Controls’ patented self-cleaning valve design is unique in the industry and sets the standard for accuracy, longevity and reliability. All US Controls Series Spray Valves are precision machined and have retained fasteners and seals for superior reliability. Valves can be pulsed on and off up to 5 cycles per second and are offered as single, double or triple row assemblies to spray the exact amount of coolant required on each zone. Each valve may be controlled independently of the others. 

Mineral Oils - Roll Cooling or Heating Systems

All USC Mineral Oil Spray Valves are:

  • Normally Closed
  • 24 VDC
  • Media piloted
  • Pulsed or used constant duty
  • Spray 28 or 56/77 litres per minute
  • Mounted on 25mm, 50mm or larger centers
  • All Spray Valves are available in single, double and triple row assemblies

USC Narrow Width Spray Zones using mineral oils
The USC 25mm wide spray valves may be installed directly into many of the existing USC mineral oil spray bar header assemblies without modification to the header manifold.

USC 38LPM Spray Valve 38LPM Spray Valve

  • Narrow Edge Control
  • Precise Control on 26mm Centers
  • On/Off and Pulse Delivery
  • Robust Design with NO Diaphragm


Water Soluble or Raw Water - Roll Cooling or Heating SystemsUS Controls' Valve Assembly

25 / 94 Series Spray Valves are:

  • Normally Open
  • 24 VDC
  • Air piloted
  • Pulsed or used constant duty
  • Spray 25 gallons per minute / 94 litres per minute
  • Mounted on 50mm or larger centers
  • Available in single, double and triple row assemblies
  • Designed with Current Limiting option for power reduction and increased in coil life
  • Liquid Tight Connectors available


Each USC system is provided with Valves, Nozzle Plates, Header Manifolds and Wire Harness designed to suit each mill application. Typically, roll cooling spray headers are mounted on the entry side of the mills. However, reversing mills use both entry and exit spray headers.