Valve Designs

Self cleaning valve design for advanced spray cooling system

US Controls has two spray applications available, Mineral Oil and Water Soluble


Our original 15GPM series, MINERAL OIL spray valves are what made US Controls, and many of these systems are still in operation and supported today.  This 15GPM series eventually developed into our world renowned 56LPM, 77LPM and narrow zone 38LPM valve series.

The WATER SOLUBLE 25GPM (or 94LPM) valve series was developed for those applications that use water based coolant, needing a pilot air function to operate the valve.  Seeing the need for smaller and smaller designs, US Controls has improved this valve series to what is now known as our compact 97LPM valve.

United States Controls’ patented self-cleaning valve design is unique in the industry and sets the standard for accuracy, longevity and reliability. All US Controls Series Spray Valves are precision machined and have retained fasteners and seals for superior reliability. Valves can be pulsed on and off up to 5 cycles per second and are offered as single, double or triple row assemblies to spray the exact amount of coolant required on each zone. Each valve may be controlled independently of the others.