Mineral Oil

Mineral Oils - Roll Cooling or Heating Systems

Each USC Mineral Oil system is provided with Valves, Nozzle Plates, Headers and, Wire Harnesses and are designed to suit each mill application. Typically, mineral oil roll cooling spray headers are mounted on the entry side of the mills.

All USC Mineral Oil Spray Valves are:

  • Normally Closed
  • 24 VDC
  • Media piloted
  • Pulsed or used constant duty
  • Spray design for 56 or 77 litres per minute
  • and for narrow zone 38 litres per minute
  • Mounted on 25mm, 50mm or larger centers
  • All Spray Valves are available in single, double and triple row assemblies


USC Narrow Width Spray Zones using mineral oils:

The USC 25mm wide spray valves may be installed directly into many of the existing USC mineral oil spray header assemblies without modification to the USC header.

USC 38lpm Spray Valve

  • Narrow Edge Control
  • Precise Control on 25mm ctrs min. 
  • On/Off and Pulse Delivery
  • Robust Design

38LPM Spray Valve



Please consult US Controls Engineering for current specification sheets.


Mineral Oil Spray Valves

77lpm per valve row (38lpm per narrow zone)